MYNDDSET maps how you and your team currently “see” your organization. We’ll explore your desired future and build a plan to achieve that future.


MYNDDSET helps you and your team grow into better thinkers, gain a better understanding of yourselves and build a plan to shift your organizational culture.


MYNDDSET leads your organization on a journey to craft and implement your Vision-Mission and supporting systems as an adaptive learning organization.

“The work with Mark was very inspirational to me as a parent and board member.  Our organization was inwardly focused and struggling to make any short-term or long-term advancement.  Mark led us to be system focused and stimulated our ability to look out into the community for resources.  Our board developed new skills and perspectives that allows us to become a learning organization, effectively tell our story and establish long-term goals.  Our journey is just beginning but Mark has set us on the right path.”

Nate, West Branch School Parent & Board Member

“The biggest gift that Mark gave me, personally, during this whole process was the confidence to know that I can make a difference by being a steward for carrying out [our school’s] Vision and Mission. By living it, teaching it and helping others to realize it, we can all make it a part of our daily interactions and watch the positive effects it has on our organization and community.”

Francesa, West Branch School Parent & Committee Member

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