Virtual Event Services

We help you design, market, produce, stream, and record your next live virtual event.

Virtual Event Services

We help you design, market, produce, stream, and record your next live virtual event.

“Hi, I’m Mark Burke, Founder of MYNDDSET Virtual Event Services. MYNDDSET helps you execute a stellar, one-hour demo, launch a live half-day training program, or reinvent your multi-day seminar as a virtual experience your audience will remember forever. The MYNDDSET team of leaders in marketing, instructional technology, education & training, graphic design, and gamification of learning look forward to working with you.”

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MYNDDSET helps turn your ideas into an engaging experience for your audience. Planning includes content analysis, instructional strategy development, activity building, and production project plan development.


All virtual events need an audience. Our team of experts helps you craft your story, build your event’s web presence, build sales channels, collect registrants, and establish your audience’s connection to your organization.


Get out from behind your webcam and join us ON-STAGE at our location. The MYNDDSET Virtual Event Stage allows you to focus on your message while leaving the technology, cameras, lighting, and sound to us.


Your content doesn’t have to disappear after your event. As your event progresses, MYNDDSET can capture individual video and audio sources as well as a final mixed program for your reuse. Editing support is also available.


With over 750 square feet of space, the MYNDDSET Virtual Event Stage is a unique space, conveniently located in Danville, PA. Available are three flexibly designed spaces, including the Interview Zone, the Green Screen, and the Instructional Center.

The team

COVID-19 Message

We’re taking measures to protect ourselves and you during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re happy to arrange a virtual tour of the MYNDDSET Virtual Event Stage. The stage is an option for your virtual event, but not required. We are currently limiting participants to no more than two individuals from outside organizations and one MYNDDSET production team member. We’ll discuss the stage use during your planning session and rehearsals. 

MYNDDSET is a division of viaEdTechnologies, LLC, 418 Railroad St, Danville, PA 17821