Working from Home Report

We’re all navigating new journeys as we react to the COVID19 pandemic. Working from home is the new reality. With nearly 60% of United States workers capable of working from home, the real numbers now are no doubt exploding (I’m still looking for stats…if you know of a reputable source, please let me know).

AND…that new reality requires some new thinking on our part. Just jumping in may get us headed toward our needed productivity. But, let’s not forget the new relationship and personal challenges working from home creates.

Our behaviors show themselves at our offices. So, how do they influence our work from home efforts? If you’re ready to find out, here’s a simple assessment and report to help you.

Step 1: Respond to the behavior survey (10 minutes tops). Click this link.
Step 2: Check your email for your personalized “Working from Home” report.
Step 3: Review the report. Identify your coworkers, your clients even your family members and match them to the behavioral types listed.
Step 4: Mark the strategies you will use to interact with others.
Step 5: Connect with me. The report is 100% free. If you need more help or would like to explore ways to support the report with deeper work, let’s connect.

Want to learn more about working from home and how assessments can help? Click over to the MYNDDCAST page and listen to my latest episode. I interviewed Cassandra Nelson and Thomas DiGennaro of TTI Success Insights, my assessment provider.

Please be safe. Be well. Wash your hands. Practice social isolation and keep thriving.

Mark Burke
MYNDDSET CEO and Lead Organizational MD (Mindset Developer)