MYNDDCAST: Season 1 Episode 7 — Robyn A. Defelice, Entrepreneurial Spirit & Intrapreneurism

On this MYNDDCAST episode, Robyn A. Defelice shares how her entrepreneurial spirit shows up in her work as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur. Robyn’s creative and pragmatic thinking inspires her clients, audiences and readers. Robyn shares thoughts on her latest venture as co-author of Microlearning: Short and Sweet ( link). Join me and Robyn and share your thoughts on how entrepreneurial spirit influences entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike.

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MYNDDCAST: Season 1 Episode 6 — Shawn Rosler, Instructional Designer, Creative & Disruptor

Join me with guest Shaw Rosler as we explore his mindset of Keeping It Simple. Shawn brings his eclectic thinking to life in all that he does. Known for his work as the creator and host of the Coarse Grind Podcast, Shawn’s work to improve community through food and education is a true inspiration. He even adds an incredible perspective on STEM education from the KITCHEN. You don’t want to miss this episode.

MYNDDCAST Moments, Business Intelligence, Data & Storytelling

In a world firmly within the Conceptual Age, building a Business Intelligence Mindset helps organizations thrive. In this episode, I share 5 tips to help you build a Business Intelligence Mindset based on merging data and storytelling.

MYNDDCAST Moment, Rebuilding the Entrepreneurial Nation Requires Rethinking K12

Stopping the decline of entrepreneurism in the US will require new K12 school systems thinking. In this episode I share 4 mindsets to spearhead thinking. As a nation, we responded to our past need for industrial factory workers. Now, it’s time to regain our status as an entrepreneurial nation.

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MYNDDCAST: Season 1 Episode 5 — Nick Fuller, The Tactical Mind

Athletic performance is part physical and part mental. In this episode, Owner and Chief Performance Officer at The Tactical Mind, Mr. Nick Fuller, discusses the mental models he uses to help high school and college athletes perform. Nick’s passion for his work shows in every word. Slightly past your high school days? No worries. The concepts Nick shares help business owners, entrepreneurs, musicians, creatives and customer service representative achieve success no matter what field you play on.

MYNDDCAST Moment, Think CONVENING rather than MEETING.

CEOs, Directors, Supervisors and Managers have the job of convening others with purpose. Learn how to shift your organizational culture of MEETINGS to CONVENING. Impact the productivity and value of your shared time together. #systemsthinking #organizationalculture #leadership #meetings

MYNDDCAST Moment, Personal Potential and Organizational Greatness

Can an organization be GREAT if the people within haven’t reached their potential? Learn why the answer is YES as I explore the components of organizational greatness rooted in #systemsthinking.

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MYNDDCAST Moment, The Purpose of a System is What it Does

We all want to believe our organization’s desired purpose matches what we’re actually achieving. But…is that the case? Join me as I share a simple activity I learned from my mentors and friends, Drs. Derek and Laura Cabrera. The Cabreras describe the activity of recasting your organizational purpose to gain insights into where systems changes are warranted within your organization in their book, FLOCK NOT CLOCK: DESIGN, ALIGN, and LEAD to ACHIEVE YOUR VISION.

You can get a copy of their book by visiting:

Join my on this episode of MYNDDCAST below. Help shift your organization from a “Survive” mindset to a “THRIVE” mindset.

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MYNDDCAST: Season 1 Episode 4 — Dr. Karl Kapp

Join me with friend and colleague, Dr. Karl Kapp as he shares his mindset to make the world a better place by teaching others how to improve learning. We walk through his personal journey to becoming a leading Learning Industry Entrepreneur, making connections to his role as a professor, prolific author and content contributor. Karl’s research-driven mind and his calming personality make him a success in all his endeavors and a friend to many.

This episode is one stop on a national Virtual Book Tour for Microlearning: Short and Sweet. With co-author Robyn Defelice, Karl’s latest book deconstructs microlearning into misconceptions and realities, making the unknown, known.

Support Karl and Robyn and grab your copy today at the links below..


Want to visit all the stops on the tour? Click over to the Microlearning: Short and Sweet Virtual Book Tour posting on LinkedIn.

MYNDDCAST: Season 1, Episode 3 – Altera Life

Christian Force and Shannon Koch inspire their clients to better health and vibrant living at Altera Life. In this episode they share how their Vision of “The Other, Another” guides their thinking, their work and their relationships throughout the community.

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