Plan for Action

So, you and your team know each other well and are a great group of thinkers. But, you struggle to get anything done. Does this describe you, a team within your organization or maybe your entire organization? If it does, your problem is clear, you need a plan.

Culture trumps strategy every day, every minute, every second. What this doesn’t mean is that having a great working culture DOESN’T include planning as a key element. The old paradigm of strategic planning is dead. No longer can organizations create a plan to guide them over the course of the next 3-5 years. On a smaller scale, many organizations simply need a few tools and new disciplines to put their teams on track to finish amazing projects.

Let mynddset facilitate your team’s transition to building a strategic thinking mindset. Utilizing a proven model for strategic planning, your team can learn how to be strategic each day and how to continually evaluate your organizational strategies to harness opportunities.

Contract Mark at or call 570-204-2159 to learn more. One day Strategic Planning programs, long term project management and team coaching packages are available based on your needs.