Events that Connect. Events that Matter.

How you convene matters.


How you convene matters.

“Hi, I’m Mark Burke of MYNDDSET. MYNDDSET helps you connect with those you serve through live events. If you or your organization has an idea to share, a topic to teach, a community to build, or a movement to launch, let’s connect.”

start small, end big.

Share your ideas and we'll schedule a free review session.


MYNDDSET helps turn your ideas into an engaging experience for your audience. Planning includes content analysis, instructional strategy development, activity building, and production project plan development.


Get out from behind your webcam and broadcast your event from our studio. Leave the technology, cameras, lighting, and sound to us.


We help you capture your event story for promotional purposes and select segments for future use.

Mr. Nick Fuller stopped by the MYNDDSET Virtual Event Stage for a test drive.

Mark takes the time to help you plan a virtual event that will leave an impression. Since working with Mark, I've learned that running a Zoom event with just my office background and my slides won't cut it when I'm trying to produce a quality product that will attract new clients.

your purpose, your virtual event

Harnessing the power of a group, team, or tribe requires more than technology, a comfortable meeting room, or exhibit hall. Using  the sciences of engagement, systems thinking, and instructional design, we’ll help you host a high-impact event your audience will remember.


With over 750 square feet of space, the MYNDDSET Studio is a unique space, conveniently located in Danville, PA. Available are three flexibly designed spaces, including the Interview Zone, the Green Screen, and the Instructional Center.

The team

COVID-19 Message

We’re taking measures to protect ourselves and you during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re happy to arrange a virtual tour of the MYNDDSET Virtual Event Stage. The stage is an option for your virtual event, but not required. We are currently limiting participants to no more than two individuals from outside organizations and one MYNDDSET production team member. We’ll discuss the stage use during your planning session and rehearsals. 

MYNDDSET is proud to B2B strong. The B2B strong campaign raises awareness of the value of B2B partnerships for prosperity in our rural communities. Show your B2B strong badge on your website or social media sites this holiday season. Don’t see your town? Download the global version or contact us for the template. Follow us on Instagram @mynddset 

MYNDDSET is a division of viaEdTechnologies, LLC, 418 Railroad St, Danville, PA 17821

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