Get to Know Yourself, and others.

What drives you? How about those you work with? How do your collective attitudes shape the interactions you have with each other? And, how do those attitudes translate into observable, influential behaviors?

If your organization is about to take on change, a big project, a new vision, new development, restructuring or any BIG, SCARY or SUPER EXCITING effort, step back and get to know yourself and others before you jump in.

Through mynddset’s assessments, we help you and your team get to know yourselves and each other. Our assessments are fast, comprehensive and proven to shape people and organizations.

  • Assessments take between 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • You and your staff receive a comprehensive report showing your results.
  • Teams can receive a team report showcasing collective strengths and areas where stress can cause performance issues.
  • Individual report debriefing is available for each member of your team.

Assessments provide and incredible professional development opportunity at a fraction of the cost. In fact, mynddset assessments generally cost the same as a few textbooks. Contact Mark at or call 570-204-2159 to discuss pricing and to determine which assessments are right for you and your team.