Welcome to the recording of the Agile Online Summit’s (AOS) Engagement Workshop 2021 for Speakers and Track Leaders. We recommend viewing the entire video to help you prepare for your recorded or live session. Once you’ve reviewed the video, you can revisit segments using the chapter timings.

Introduction: 0:00
Meet Tom Henricksen, Owner and Coordinator of the Agile Online Summit, Mark Burke, Founder and Lead Engagement Officer at MYNDDSET, and Dr. Karl Kapp, Gamification Lead of MYNDDSET.
Asking Great Questions: 00:54
Mark models how asking great questions connects participants and prepares them to unlock the group’s collective wisdom.
The AOS Three-Day Schedule: 12:10
We investigate how SU-HA-RI guides the sessions and purpose for each day of AOS.
The AOS Day 1 Agenda: 14:02
We review the LIVE Sessions and the schedule for Day 1 of the AOS.
 The Participant Guide:  17:22
Information on each Speaker and Keynote session appears in the Participant Guide. The guide plays a key role in the engagement strategy for the summit, especially for the recorded sessions. If you are a speaker and have not completed the Speaker Information Form, please do so using this link.
Day 2 Laser Coaching: 27:44
Participants apply to be the submit of Laser Coaching on Day 2 following the MYNDDSET Laser Coaching Model. 
THE Reason to Hold an Event: 32:00
Why do we hold events? We look at how Behavior Change serves to guide all events and event sessions. 
The AOS Game: 51:34
The AOS Game provides an interactive tool to collect information, engage participants, and inform the group’s collective wisdom.
Creating Engaging Sessions Course: 55:28
Speakers have access to a course on engagement tactics. You should have received access information. If not, please email Tom.
More on the Game: 57:30
Discussing the gameplay plan for the three days.
Engagement Tactics, Formal View: 1:00:42
We conclude with a formalized view of the tactics from the course and our discussion.

Thank you for being part of the Agile Online Summit 2021. The Track Leads are your point of contact for help regarding the event. If at any time you and your Track Lead feel additional support is needed, please reach out to Tom to arrange a 1:1 with a MYNDDSET team member.