We’ll see you on October 15th at 11:00 am ET
Check for an email from MYNDDSET the day before the event.

what to expect from attending

ENGAGE is a two-hour virtual event showcasing strategies and tactics for DEEP human engagement. You’ll leave the event with practical tools to end the stigma of virtual events being boring, harness valuable team time, and build a rich sense of community among attendees.

Meet the ENGAGE hosts and presenters.

The team from Step Away, a MYNDDSET affiliate, joins to present a segment on Games for Events and Learning.

who should attend?

Event Owners

Your job is to ensure the event makes the impact you want or need in your community. ENGAGE! will show you what strategies make the most impact.

Team Leaders

Zoom meetings don’t have to be boring. Instead, learn to host engaging sessions for your team no matter the subject or size of the group.

Organizational Leaders

Your customers and clients need you, and you need them. So learn to use your next virtual event as a community-building tool.

If you haven’t already downloaded our free eBook, click below. During ENGAGE! we’ll showcase many of the topics and techniques outlined in the eBook. Grab your copy before the event.

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