{SIX SPARKS} Vision …

Today I start a new series of short posts called {SIX SPARKS}. The format is simple. I’ll share six statements about a specific idea to SPARK larger flames. I won’t fan the flames too much. Our collective job is to get the fire roaring through interaction, sharing ideas with colleagues or writing your own post based off one of the SPARKS. If you do that, be sure to give this post a shout out and share your link. So here we go.

Vision…What can an incredible Vision do for an organization?

Vision …

  1. Rights an organization that’s gone off course.
  2. Creates organizational purpose.
  3. Empowers everyone within the organization.
  4. Sets the highest level of organizational measurement of success.
  5. Decreases emotional instabilities within the organization.
  6. Fuels relationship management for an organization internally and externally.

Have a question about Vision…let me know. Now, it’s time to share your thoughts. Comment, share and connect.