Become Systems Thinkers

Even with the best intentions, organizations can struggle to create the impact they desire when they don’t have the systems and capacities to act. After you’ve learned how your attitudes and behaviors influence your performance and organizational potential, it’s time to build a common way of thinking across your organization. Systems Thinking (ST) helps you establish the simple rules of not only how you and your team build ideas and knowledge, but also how your organization functions.

Through mynddset’s professional development, you and your team will learn to think using the proven methods of the Patterns of Thinking by Drs. Derek and Laura Cabrera. Your team will learn how to think and apply their ST skills to build a strong Vision, Mission, Capacity, Learning plan. Already have a Vision-Mission? Most organizations feel they do. You’ll learn how you can validate what’s already in place. Don’t be surprise though if you decide you need to make a few adjustments.

Standard and custom ST packages are available. Contact Mark at or call 570-204-2159 to discuss pricing and to determine which package is right for you and your organization.