Mark T. Burke, Lead MYNDDSET Agent

A passionate systems builder, organizational developer and entrepreneur. 

I’ve witnessed passionate individuals, with a desire to change their jobs, teams and organizations struggle to implement systems that provide the capacities to enact change.  Learning about systems and thinking is vital, but not the total solution.  Individuals must learn about who they are, what DRIVES them and others around them.  Attitudes lead to behaviors that either support change, growth and evolution or create tension and stress that diminish potential success.  Through MYNDDSET ‘s suite of assessments, coaching and organizational development tools, I help organizations build new mindsets.

I also believe deeply in being an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builder for the betterment of our communities and nation. My life as an entrepreneur began when after 17 years of steady employment, I became a statistic of organizational restructuring. With a teaching degree in Music and a Master’s in Instructional Technology, a creative energy and drive to build something from nothing, I dove into the world of solo-preneurship. I was fortunate to earn a spot at the table of entrepreneurial education leadership in 2010. Between 2010 and 2012, I authored a youth-focus online entrepreneurial educational program. I learned the power of community building. A few years later, I authored a white paper on how to build entrepreneurial systems in higher education. As part of that research, I discovered the Kauffman Foundation and their 1 Million Cups program. In 2017, I launched PA’s first 1 Million Cups Community, 1MC Susquehanna Valley. A few months later, I tossed by hat into the running to become the Northeast Region Representative. I now serve in that role and have the honor of helping Kauffman support thousands of entrepreneurs nationally through the 1MC community.

In the summer of 2019, I completed a major milestone. After learning from Drs. Derek and Laura Cabrera about Systems Thinking for educational and business development, I earned my Blue Belt in Systems Thinking, Systems Thinking Mapping and Systems Thinking Leadership from Plectica on the campus of Cornell University. This summer, I became a Value Added Partner with TTI Success Insights to bring our region a unique and powerful set of Attitude & Behavioral Assessments.

My Vision for MYNDDSET is “Transformed People, Transformed Organizations.” When we commit to personal transformation, we can create transformational organizations.

My Mission, the work I do every day is, MAP, ADVANCE and TRANSFORM. I help people map ideas, plans, systems, change, initiatives, and processes. Mapping takes ideas out of our minds and makes that accessible to others. Mapping helps us shape our ideas and allows us to see and assume other perspectives. I support the advancement of people through coaching, education, professional development and training. At the core of advancing ourselves is learning how to THINK and learning why we think what we think. For an organization to become transformational, it must commit to being a learning organization. A learning organization is one that advances forward, pays tribute to history while building adaptive systems for the future. I help organizations transform through interrogation of their purpose, their Vision-Mission and the systems, their Capacities and the learning required for them to be transformative. For an organization to be transformational, it must be able to transform within.

Why MYNDDSET? Who can benefit from MYNDDSET services? What type of organizations does MYNDDSET serve?

  • Eliminating Fixed Mindset thinking ensures our local communities remain vibrant and our quality of living in Central PA continues to improve.
  • Proactive thinkers add value to our communities through their transformational organizations. We must eliminate same-old, same-old thinking.
  • Reactive thinkers, those that are just getting by, just surviving, need personal and organizational tools with a proven track record. Reactive organizations must be erased as a norm.
  • MYNDDSET seeks organizations of 0-200 employees, with open-minded leadership (especially if you are feeling overwhelmed, under-skilled, alone or ego driven) ready for change and seeking creative, fun, proven methods to facilitate growth within your organization.

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