Social Distancing, Business Shifts, BIG CHANGES! Knowing ourselves & others to THRIVE, Ep.27

The coronavirus has caused businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs, schools and hospitals, pretty much every segment of business to shift norms, ways of working and doing business. How we respond as organizations depends on how we as individuals unite, each with our unique combination of behaviors and attitudes.  In this episode, we’ll explore what we know about behaviors and attitudes and how understanding these human traits helps us in times of dramatic change and how an organizational effort to grow our understanding of ourselves and others is a timely investment.

There are many ways organizations are shifting.  The themes include

1. Digital Transformation (Building new digital tools and services)
2. Changing Delivery Modes (Schools, Restaurants, Health Clubs, Human Services)
3. Ramping Down (Manufacturers, Hospitals, Entrepreneurs)
4. Forced Closures (For compliance, for the safety of staff and those we serve)
5. Forced Continuance Planning (Maintaining business as usual)
6. Telework (The new reality for a significant percentage of our population)

How do these shifts affect us, each with our own natural behaviors and attitudes toward new things, our environment, learning and others?    

Limited time, high risks, countless unknowns,  little to no budget, a development cycle nightmare.  The model of try-fail-iterate-try again can teach us much.  Failure, the kind that pushes us to new answers, the act of building, getting feedback and making changes to products and services without high investment, while incredibly promising, pushes us to understand ourselves and others at a time when the stakes are high. 

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