Saddle Up, High “I’ers”

High “I” yo Silver, away! The stories of the Lone Ranger and his quest to bring law and order to the people. Noble. Heroic. Humble. Stories teach, right wrongs, inspire us to action, connect us. If you’re a High I, an influencer, you have the natural ability to engage others through your words. You see a bright future and you HAVE to share it. On your team, you are counted on to “sell” it, whatever IT is. When the group needs someone to share what they just can’t seem to, they look in your direction. You saddle up. You take the reins and gallop full speed ahead and run with it.

You believe you can convince others of almost anything. All we “others” need to do is listen and learn. We’ll eventually come around to seeing things the way you do. When others seem disinterested, you start to feel weighed down. A phrase you may repeat to yourself is “They’re crushing my mojo.” When others don’t want to run at your speed, you may just leave them behind. Should you though? You know from time to time, you find yourself all alone in the corral. Others have moved on, but you’re still going in circles sharing the story you want to share. The “others” are telling you something. They’re telling you that work needs something else from you, some other focus. If you can’t join, the work will leave you behind. That feels scary, and lonely. This is not a place you want to be.

In the post, Embrace Your High-C Behaviors, a connection between High-Cs and High-Is was formed. Gallop over and give that a read. As a High-I, you feel comfortable making connections with others. The power behind your not so dark mask is being rather demanding. This can be off-putting to others, such as High-Ss, who are steady, relaxed, predictable, and modest. Rather than riding full speed up to a High-S, pull back and come to a trot before you get close. Come up along side them, say “Hello”, ride quietly for a bit and then ask how they see or think about the situation. As the story unfolds, you’ll come into your element. Hearing the pieces of evidence unfold from a logical perspective, you are forming what will become an amazing creation of a story. You can go away informed. Be careful, your job is to stay in the saddle, let the ride happen, listen, take it all in. Don’t push the pace or grab their reins. When you’re finished, guide your trusty steed quietly off. If you feel the urge to kick up some dust, just wait a bit. Once you’re out of sight, go for it.

You’re team needs your enthusiasm, your inspiration and your ability to adapt, be humble and patient. When called to action, they can trust you. High “I” Yo Silver, Away!