Game-Based Thinking & Organizational Development Ep.26

I kick off Season 2 of MYNDDCAST with one of my favorite people, Dr. Karl Kapp. We talk about the power of Game-Based Thinking to help organizations change and grow. The ability to PLAY is built into us as humans. How well we adopt that by pushing against our adult, restrictive thinking is up to us. Join us as we explore using the power of Game-Based Thinking to impact our organizations.

This episode is sponsored by: Step Away, a unique game-based conference.

You know you need to create thinking time and space but how do you do that in a structured manner that leads to results. The answer is a unique corporate conference geared toward creativity and play called “Step Away.”  Step Away is unlike any corporate experience you’ve ever had, it takes place in a venue where every room is themed after a different game like Scrabble, Monopoly and Clue just to name a few. Visit the link to learn more and to register.

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