A Better World, Helping Others Develop Better Learning

On Monday, the MYNDDCAST Virtual Book Tour stop with author, Dr. Karl Kapp will post. Don’t miss an episode. Use the link below and follow MYNDDCAST on Spotify. While you’re there, listen to latest interview with Christian and Shannon from Altera Life. MYNDDCAST explores the mindsets of people changing our communities and the world around us.

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In Episode 4, I talk with Karl about his Learning Industry Mindset and his journey to becoming the entrepreneur he is today. We also explore how authoring has becoming a key component to his Systems Thinking approach to impacting the world.

Tune in Monday to hear Karl’s story and to learn more about his latest book with co-author, Robyn Defelice, Microlearning: Short and Sweet.

Tune in Monday, Sept 23rd to learn more about Dr. Karl Kapp’s journey to make the world a better place through learning about learning.